Inspired to Learn, Confident to Achieve

Our Vision is that we want Castlethorpe First School to be a school that parents, teachers, pupils, governors and the local community can be enormously proud of:

  • A school that is vibrant, happy and has high expectations.
  • A school that believes that every child can succeed and achieve.
  • A school where children enjoy learning because they are encouraged to be independent thinkers.
  • And where children develop a sense of self belief and a love of learning, forming a strong basis for lifelong learning.

To achieve this we aim:

  • To provide a caring, nurturing and stimulating environment where all children feel safe, secure and happy.
  • To inspire children to achieve and celebrate their successes.
  • To maintain high expectations in all aspects of children’s learning.
  • To encourage children to embrace new challenges.
  • To be an integral part of the community.

Inspired to Learn, Confident to Achieve