Today's superstars!

February 10, 2017


Writers of the week… Danny and Lily-Mai who have been inspired to write at length today.
HT award ….. Drona for working particularly hard in both Maths and writing this week!
Doodler of the week is Eli with 2 stars achieved in the last week.


Writer of the week … George who worked super hard with his independent piece of writing.
Maths Wizard …. Hattie for some accurate measuring this week.
HT award …. Finn for working hard all week.


Rabbits have had a reading week this week so no writer of the week but …
HT awards go to Angus for trying the lunch time sports club and enjoying it and Hetty for being a super cooking show presenter. Giving clear instructions on how to make Spring Rolls.
Maths Wizard is Izaac for adding two groups together and understanding a number sentence.

Well done everyone!!!


February 08, 2017

Owls have been using DoodleMaths this week at school.

DoodleMaths is a free app that can be downloaded onto a tablet. All the children in Owls have been registered and have their own password.

They will be bringing this home this week so they can use the app at home too.

My Story Opening

February 03, 2017

One sunny day I was in our family car going to see my grandma’s house then I said “Why do I have to go to my grandma’s house?” Because I have to work early. Then after a little while we got there. Mum asked me to get out of our family car so I did.

When I got there, the house looked a bit dull because there were no flowers but there was a nice pond. Then I asked my grandma if she had any toys, she said no. Then I asked my grandmother if I could have a look around her house and she said yes so I had a look around the house and after a little while I saw a staircase. It was gold. The gold made the staircase look beautiful so I went up the stairs. I saw a door that said attic so I went in.

Inside I saw a lot of things like an old wheelbarrow and a cupboard but my favourite was the grandfather clock. As I stood in front of it I felt a hand on my shoulder. It pulled me into the clock ………

by Isabel year 2.

This week's awards

February 03, 2017

HT award: Theo ….. for listening carefully during class inputs and trying really hard with writing his letters.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Poppy …. for writing about her weekend. She was able to sound out and blend her words.
MATHS WIZARD: Zena….. for sorting and naming 3D shapes.

HT award: Molly for working hard all week.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Sam ….. for working super hard in his writing this week, with some excellent sounding out.
MATHS WIZARD: Amber ….. for having a ‘real go’ this week! Adding 2 and using her 2x table.

HT award: Charlie ….. for his progress in reading.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Isobel….. for writing a super beginning to her story.
MATHS WIZARD: Lewis ……for understanding the operation in a question

Well done everyone!

Our collective poem by year 2

January 31, 2017

I can touch an old ring that is sparkly,
I can touch colourful confetti that falls from the sky,
I can touch a crispy leaf that crumbles in my hand,
I can touch a tabby cat that is fat and small,
I can touch red spaghetti that I can slide around my mouth,
I can touch a stony house that has been decorated like a butterfly,

I can touch a lumpy crown that belongs to the Queen,
I can touch a glistening diamond that feels like the world,
I can touch a soft cat that feels nice,
I can touch some very yummy ice cream that gives you a brain freeze
I can touch a bumpy elephant that tells me jokes,
I can touch some curly whirly spaghetti that I can eat. It feels lovely,

HT Award, Writer of the Week and Maths Wizard 27th January

January 27, 2017

Eleanor …. for trying really hard with being sensible and very good listening.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Lina …. super effort at a recount, writing about our dinosaur dig!!!
MATHS WIZARD: Grace ….. for very careful ordering (longest to shortest) with 4 crocodiles!

Jude….. for trying hard this week particularly with independent work.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Finnian. A really good effort at using full stops and capitals when writing his version of Chinese New Year.
MATHS WIZARD: Grace who is now confident telling the time to quarter past.

Lily-Mai ….. for applying herself to her written work on instructions
Isabel ….. for her reading and answering questions about her group reading book.
WRITERS OF THE WEEK: Florence and Theo for their instruction for a time machine.


13th January Head teacher's awards and writers of the week

January 27, 2017


Laila …. for working hard in her phonics.
Ellie-Louise ….for good listening skills.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Nyah for her wonderful description of the Nyahsaurus! Brilliant use of phonics.

Ashton …. for working so hard all week especially in reading and science.
Autumn …. for a huge effort in reading and moving up a stage.
Finnian ….. for completing his art task beautifully.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Harry for a huge effort. Just needs to remember those fullstops!!!!!!

Lily-Mai and Joseph S for really trying hard with their writing.
Eli and Charlie for their poetry reciting.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Freya for a superb piece of independent writing on ‘The Great Fire of Castlethorpe’

Writer of the week

January 27, 2017

Every week we celebrate children’s achievements in school and out of school.

A Head teacher’s award sticker is given to children from each class on a Friday for achievement at school. This might be an outstanding piece of work, sustained effort, amazing improvement or something extra special.

We also give stickers and record achievements outside of school, eg swimming certificates, dance and gym achievements, football awards etc. So do send them in!

This term we have introduced our ‘Writer of the Week’ certificates. These are given to one child in each year group for writing in which they have really tried to remember the key learning points for that week. We read and share the piece of work in our Friday assembly and the children take a copy of their work home too.

‘Magic Maths’ certificates are also being given to a child in each year group for the mathematician of the week.

Head Teacher's Award, Writer of the Week AND Maths Wizard certificates.

January 20, 2017

20th Jan
Grace ….. for working hard in maths with subtraction. She was able to write a subtraction sentence.
Connie …. Using good words in her sentences when talking about dinosaurs.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Izaac for using his phonics to write two sentences about a Stegasaurus.

Clara …. for working well all of the time.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Ashton for writing at length and not giving up!
MATHS WIZARD: Nathan for working hard and showing a great understanding of adding 10

Eli …. for understanding what a conjunction is and explaining this to others.
MATHS WIZARD: Ben for quick mental recall.

6th January

January 07, 2017

Head teacher’s award

Ava ………. for working hard with writing a sentence and for helping others with the zips on their coats!
Hetty …….. for always being ready to learn and for showing a super learning attitude and asking questions to help her learning.
Cerys ……. for remembering all her numbers!

Lois ……. who produced a great piece of work for her new year’s resolution.
Finn ……..for working sensibly and trying hard in maths this week.

Theo ……For his time maths work.
Joseph KB …… for a really positive attitude in maths ‘time’ work this week.


Happy New Year!

January 06, 2017

Welcome back to a new year and a new term.
Our topic theme this half term is ‘Time Walk’.
Children in rabbits are going to finding out all about dinosaurs. Key stage 1 children will be finding out about lots of things from the past, including ‘The great fire of Castlethorpe’, and famous artists.

Welcome to our blog

September 09, 2016

Welcome back to a new school year. Our whole school theme this term is ‘The Victorians’ and owls and foxes have already been finding out about toys from the past.

Next week we are looking forward to our key stage 1 trip to Holdenby House. We will all be dressing up as Victorians who have journeyed from the work house to the big house in search of a job.

Do look at the gallery to see pictures of our last visit and then next Friday there will be some new pictures from our visit on Tuesday.

It is also Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday next Tuesday and we will be sharing some of his books next week.
Don’t forget the book fair is in school on Thursday and Friday next week too.