My Story Opening

February 03, 2017

One sunny day I was in our family car going to see my grandma’s house then I said “Why do I have to go to my grandma’s house?” Because I have to work early. Then after a little while we got there. Mum asked me to get out of our family car so I did.

When I got there, the house looked a bit dull because there were no flowers but there was a nice pond. Then I asked my grandma if she had any toys, she said no. Then I asked my grandmother if I could have a look around her house and she said yes so I had a look around the house and after a little while I saw a staircase. It was gold. The gold made the staircase look beautiful so I went up the stairs. I saw a door that said attic so I went in.

Inside I saw a lot of things like an old wheelbarrow and a cupboard but my favourite was the grandfather clock. As I stood in front of it I felt a hand on my shoulder. It pulled me into the clock ………

by Isabel year 2.