This week's awards

February 03, 2017

HT award: Theo ….. for listening carefully during class inputs and trying really hard with writing his letters.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Poppy …. for writing about her weekend. She was able to sound out and blend her words.
MATHS WIZARD: Zena….. for sorting and naming 3D shapes.

HT award: Molly for working hard all week.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Sam ….. for working super hard in his writing this week, with some excellent sounding out.
MATHS WIZARD: Amber ….. for having a ‘real go’ this week! Adding 2 and using her 2x table.

HT award: Charlie ….. for his progress in reading.
WRITER OF THE WEEK: Isobel….. for writing a super beginning to her story.
MATHS WIZARD: Lewis ……for understanding the operation in a question

Well done everyone!