The governing body is divided into two committees, Resources and Curriculum. These committees meet once each term and report back to the full governing body which also meets each term.

The last full governing body meeting was on Monday 10th February 2020, and the names, roles and responsibilities of the governors is shown in outline below, along with the full details of attendance records for previous academic years as downloadable files.

Name Category Appointed Until Committees Position Business interests
Mr Gavin McDermott Co-opted 01/06/15 31/05/23 Curriculum, Resources Chair, IT Gov, SEN Gov Hosts school website
Mrs Julie Baldwin Headteacher Curriculum, Resources Headteacher Staff member
Mr Mike Kyd Parent appointed 20/11/17 19/11/21 Resources Vice Chair, Resources Chair None
Mrs Emma Pearson Staff appointed 08/05/17 27/09/21 Curriculum Staff Governor Staff member
Mrs Tracey Jones Co-opted 18/08/17 18/08/21 Curriculum Numeracy Governor None
Mrs Christine Ayles MKC appointed 18/08/17 18/08/21 Curriculum Literacy and EYFS Gov HT/PM None
Father Gary Ecclestone Co-opted 01/06/19 31/05/23 Curriculum Mental Health/Wellbeing HT/PM None
Mrs Jenny Stewart Co-opted 11/02/19 10/02/23 Curriculum, Resources Humanities Governor None
Mr Michael Spyrou Co-opted 01/06/19 31/05/23 Curriculum, Resources Safeguarding Governor None
Mr Phil Robinson Co-opted 01/06/19 31/05/23 Curriculum, Resources H&S Governor None
Ms Nicole Jones Parent appointed 21/11/19 20/11/23